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The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) was founded in 1916 by soldiers returning from the trenches of World War I. The aim was simple – provide a helping hand for their mates.

Since 1916 the RSL has been making sure help is always at hand by providing much needed support, advice and camaraderie to the men and women of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Our services also include: The RSL was founded on the values of recognition, service, loyalty, quality and mateship.

RSL (Queensland Branch) is committed to:
  • Providing welfare and support for the wounded, injured and ill;
  • Honouring the memory of the fallen;
  • Preserving the enduring spirit of mateship; and
  • Promoting the interests of veterans and ADF members to Government and the wider community.


Following the aftermath of World War I, wounded soldiers began returning home to find there was limited Government support available to them.

Diggers felt that a united voice was needed to bring about change for returned servicemen and women. The RSL was formed – an independent, apolitical organisation run by its members, for its members and the ex-service community. The RSL proceeded to represent the interests of returned servicemen and women, lobbying the Government and providing welfare services.

Originally known as the Returned Sailors & Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (RSSILA), the name was changed to the Returned Soldiers and Airman’s Imperial League of Australia (RSSAILA) in 1940. In 1965, the name was then changed to the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSLA). Finally, in 1990, the name was changed to the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL).

rsl_badge_small-(1).jpgBadge meaning

The badge worn by all members of the Returned & Services League of Australia, is a symbol of readiness at all times to render service to Queen and country and to former comrades. It is a time-honoured emblem - one that has been worn with a deep sense of pride by the most revered in our land and one that glorifies the coats of all privileged to wear it.

No wealth or influence can purchase the badge which may be worn only by those who have served their country.

The badge is in the form of a shield and the shield is a protection to the wearer.

In the badge the red represents the blood ties of war that exist between comrades. White stands for the purity of the motives in joining the league - to render service without thought of personal gain or ambition. The blue indicates a willingness to render that service to a comrade anywhere under the blue sky - wherever he may be.

The wattle is symbolic of Australia. The leek, rose, thistle and shamrock are symbolic of, and represent the link with Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland respectively.

Depicted in the centre of the badge, and encircled by the name of the organisation, are a sailor, soldier, airman and servicewoman marching together with their arms linked in friendship. This is to show that within the circle of the League, all Services and all ranks march together in unity and comradeship.