Organisational Review

Organisational Review

During 2017, the RSL Queensland Board engaged consultancy firm Deloitte to review the organisational and constitutional structure of the League in Queensland. Effective governance is crucial for our future operations and to ensure we meet regulatory requirements.

The review aimed to ensure the League continues to meet the needs and expectations of our members, the veterans and their families who we support and advocate for, the public and regulatory bodies. Deloitte reported on the first draft of its review at the 2017 State Congress.

Review process

During the second half of 2017, Deloitte facilitated workshops with RSL Queensland members across all 10 Districts. Workshops included an introductory brief, an individual activity and small group discussions.

They were timed to coincide with regular District meetings and delegates were encouraged to attend. Workshops used the same process as District meetings and provided an opportunity for members to contribute.

Pre-reading was distributed to Sub Branch delegates by their District office two weeks before each workshop to support discussion at each Sub Branch before their delegate attended the workshop.

The outcome of the workshops was collated to inform the final review, which was presented to the Board in December 2017.

View the pre-reading document here - Organisational Review - Workshop Pre-Reading

Review results

The review and engagement process resulted in several recommendations. The process acknowledged RSL Queensland is going through a period of significant growth and change and while its charitable objectives remain the same, the environment in which the organisation operates has changed. 

The resulting report gives an overview of the consultation process and feedback obtained during District meetings and outlines the need for RSL Queensland - the oldest and largest ESO in Queensland - to update it's governance and compliance structure. 

The report recommends a future governance structure for RSL Queensland, the principles for the composition of the State Board and a detailed description of the role and activity of each governance body. The proposed structure is designed to ensure the proposed bodies act in good faith and in the best interests of RSL Queensland. 

You can view the full report here - Securing the Future - RSL Queensland Governance Model - Final Report, December 2017