Timor Awakening

Touring a previously war-torn country and seeing the progress of its people can bring inner peace for veterans. That is the premise behind Timor Awakening, a renewal and rehabilitation program.

Be embraced by whole communities, share stories with Timorese veterans, and see first-hand the positive impact of Australia’s involvement in the young country’s freedom in the 11-day tour.
“Timor is a peaceful country, with veterans and civilians that have suffered unimaginable atrocities, hardship, trauma and oppression; but they have healed and are moving forward. We want our veterans to experience the same healing and rehabilitation, to move forward and be part of the next chapters.” – Michael Stone, Timor Awakening Program Director.

Timor Awakening welcomes ex-serving personnel and their partners. You don't need to have served in Timor; however, Timor veterans have reported experiencing a greater positive impact.

“It has had an enduring effect on me. You realise just how insignificant your problems are . . . if we look at what other people have dealt with and are now happy and smiling, it does have an effect on you.” – Wayne Douglas, veteran and Timor Awakening participant.


Accommodation, transport within Timor and main meals are provided free of charge, thanks to support from RSL Queensland. However, participants will need to pay for their own travel to Darwin and any personal expenses during the trip.
Apply to participate by contacting the Veterans Care Association directly.