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How We Help
At RSL (Queensland Branch), we offer counseling; visit the wounded, injured and ill; provide housing and crisis support; and deliver professional advice on accessing entitlements. We also host key commemorative events and deliver a range of community initiatives that support youth development, regional communities and Queenslanders at large. 
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Who We Are
RSL (Queensland Branch) is one of Australia's leading ex-service organisations committed to supporting current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force and their families, honouring the memory of the fallen, preserving the enduring spirit of mateship and promoting the interests of our members. 
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Behind the Brave Faces
At RSL (Queensland Branch) we are here to look after the people behind the brave faces. We’re here to help, support, guide, show respect, and say thank you. Find out more about the people we assist and read the real-life stories behind some of our brave faces.
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