Employment Program

Employment Program


Are you ex-Defence and looking for work?

Your Defence career has equipped you with valuable skills and experience – skills that are equally valuable in the civilian job market.

But how do you communicate your Defence experience to make sure you have the best shot at a new career?

The Ex-Defence program is designed to help you make the transition to the civilian workforce.


Employment Program - Ex-Defence



Are you the partner of a current or former ADF member and looking for work?

The nature of Defence service can present employment challenges for the partners and spouses of current and former service personnel.

Families move extensively while Defence personnel are serving, which means partners’ careers are often interrupted, making it difficult for them to find meaningful employment.
Tailored to the specific needs of Defence partners, the Partner program will help you open the next chapter in your career.


Employment Program - Partner


EMPLOYER- Veterans Onboard

Could a former serviceman or woman be the right fit for your business? 

Former Defence personnel have a wealth of skills and experience that can benefit civilian businesses, from technical and trade to corporate and leadership.

Veterans Onboard equips you with a better understanding of the valuable contribution that veterans make to the civilian workforce and provides you with the opportunity to access and hire qualified employees.


RSL Veterans Onboard


Note: Some of the RSL Employment activities has been funded under the Commonwealth Government’s Supporting Younger Veterans program