2018 Constitution

2018 Constitution

The adoption of a new Constitution is essential if we are to meet modern governance requirements. This includes a major shift in Board structure, including the appointment of a skills-based Board of Directors to guide the organisation forward.

The motion to adopt a new draft Constitution was put to delegates at the 2018 Annual General Meeting, but was not carried.

A revised draft has now been prepared, which includes several changes and refinements with particular attention to the amendments proposed by delegates at the AGM. These are clearly identified in tracked changes in the below documents.

RSL Queensland President Tony Ferris has established a Project Team, which is seeking member feedback on this document, so that a new draft Constitution can be put to a postal vote in coming months.

2018 Draft Constitution can be downloaded here:

We strongly urge all members to view and provide feedback on the 2018 Constitution during the upcoming engagement tour with the Project Team. Dates and timelines for this tour will be posted to this page shortly. For those unable to be present, please submit your feedback using the form below.