RSL Auxiliaries

RSL Auxiliaries

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RSL Auxiliaries, both Women’s and Citizens’ Auxiliaries, are established to promote and further the Objects of the League within the jurisdiction of its District Branch or Sub Branch. The meaning of the word ’auxiliary’ is extra power or resource, and auxiliaries are a significant resource to their Sub Branch.


Women’s Auxiliaries have been around since World War 1 when the women of Australia sewed, knitted and cooked to send parcels to the troops. When the boys came home, they continued their support by fundraising and assisting to buy land, buildings and the furnishings for the RSL. Many RSL Sub Branches would not be where they are today without the support of their Auxiliary.

Eligibility to join a Women’s Auxiliary:
  1. Any adult female relative of a serving, discharged or deceased member of a Commonwealth or Allied Military Force. Relative includes persons in, or who were in, a de facto relationship;
  2. Any woman eligible for membership of the RSL  shall be eligible for full membership in any Auxiliary; and
  3. Any other woman by the resolution of the Women’s Auxiliary.
Citizens’ Auxiliaries have now been in existence since 2000. It was realised that there were a lot of males who wanted to contribute to the RSL but were not eligible to join as RSL Members. 
Eligibility for the Citizens’ Auxiliary:
  1. Any person within the community may be eligible to be a member of the Citizens’ Auxiliary;  
  2. The member age for an adult Auxiliary membership shall be 18 years of age. 
  3. An Auxiliary may admit Junior Members under the following conditions:
  • The junior members must be a minimum of 12 years of age;
  • The junior member must be related to a parent or child guardian who is a current member of the Citizens’ Auxiliary;
  • The current member must sign the membership application form providing consent for the junior membership;
  • Junior membership is to cease at eighteen years of age.

Auxiliaries are attached to Sub Branches throughout Queensland, and a State Council of Auxiliaries exists to encourage the creation of new auxiliaries and the continuation of existing ones.


RSL State Council of Auxiliaries:
Phone:  Lynne (President) - 0401 666 992
           Maureen (Secretary) - 0408 675 366

Auxiliary NewsLetters

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