Doctors and Veterans Break Down Health Barriers

RSL Queensland and the Australian Medical Association Queensland have joined forces to improve the healthcare of veterans across the state.

Digger The Devoted War Dog

The remarkable service of Digger, a brown and white bulldog who devoted himself to Sergeant James Harold Martin during his three and a half years with the AIF during WWI, is a story of true mateship and the enduring ANZAC spirit.

Beersheba: The Last Great Mounted Charge

October 31, 2017 marks the centenary of the Battle of Beersheba.

The Youngest Prisoners of War

Born in an internment camp in Hong Kong in 1942, 75-year-old Barbara Laidlaw has begun making sense of her unusual childhood and is searching for others who share her unique story.

In Search of a WWI Digger: Can You Help?

THE young geologist had found an Australian Imperial Force (AIF) group portrait, with a cross inked above a soldier in the photo – indicating the man who was his Australian great-grandfather. Sadly, no name was inscribed on the photo and Jean was left in the dark about his identity.

The Home They Deserve

A deserving Defence family in Nambour was given a much-appreciated home makeover, thanks to the suggestion of an RSL Queensland Veteran Services Officer, who was assisting them with a Department of Veterans’ Affairs claim.

Tara Pitt: Mates4Mates Ambassador

She divided the nation on this year’s Australian Survivor but runner-up Tara Pitt is uniting veterans across the country in her new role as a Mates4Mates Ambassador. “It was hard going through all of the different feelings and realising that your bestfriend, your hero, the man you rang any time you had a problem, wasn’t there anymore,” Tara said. Mates4Mates is an initiative of RSL Queensland.

WWII Bomber Fighting Fit At 92

Ninety-two-year-old Kedron-Wavell RSL Sub Branch member Bob Walker reflects on his time with the Royal Australian Air Force heavy bomber force during WWII – the first heavy bomber group ever commanded by the RAAF.

WWII Digger Reunited With Father's Trench Art Legacy

WWII Digger Reunited With Father's Trench Art Legacy

Historic Navy Statue Unveiled

An imposing two-metre bronze sailor now takes pride of place at Brisbane's Southbank.

The Ipswich Train Tea Society

This Remembrance Day, the Joint Ipswich Region ANZAC Centenary Committee will honour a special group of local ladies who made a valuable contribution to WWI. The Ipswich Train Tea Society was a caring and committed crew of women who demonstrated their appreciation to soldiers when they returned from the Western Front.

All Creatures Great & Small

A permanent memorial to the millions of animals killed or wounded in WWI has been unveiled in Pozieres, France.

Young Veterans: Bridging The Generation Gap

Since 2015, the Sunshine Coast Young Veterans RSL group has provided an opportunity to connect with mates, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and transition back into civilian life surrounded by a supportive community.

Poppy Services Provide A Fitting Farewell

Each year, hardworking Sub Branch volunteersprovide hundreds of poppy services around Queensland to honour the contribution of servicemen and women who have passed away.

Cameron Sherwood: Re-igniting The Spark

In this final article in a three-partseries focusing on some of the veterans behind the RSL RAEMUS Rover program, we meet Cameron Sherwood, a car enthusiast who says the program has given him back the brotherhood and camaraderie he enjoyed in the military.

Maryborough Celebrates 100 Years of Mateship

Maryborough RSL celebrated its centenary wita free community family fair at the Brolga Theatre and an anniversary dinner on October 14.

PTSD Initiative: Research to Restore Lives

A guide to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and your Physical Health. An initiative of the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation and RSL Queensland.

Vasey Resilience Centre

While there has been a significant – and necessary – emphasis on supporting our wounded, injured and ill soldiers for many years, the question has been asked: what if we could prevent some of those things from occurring in the first place?

Soldier To Civilian: The Journey Home

Imagine losing your identity, your job, and your purpose – all on the same day.  It might sound like an absurd prospect to civilians, but for our service personnel it is the reality that some feel confronted with as they discharge from the Defence Force and transition into civilian society. In this article, Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation provide an insight into the direction of their most recent research project.

Support From The Top

Supported by RSL Queensland, the Human Performance Framework has three main pillars – the Vasey Resilience Centre, which builds soldiers’ performance before deployment, Geckos Family Centre, which looks after soldiers’ families, and the Soldier Recovery Centre, which helps rehabilitate soldiers when they return from service.