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A Tale of Two Soldiers

November 10, 1918 – the eve of the Armistice. Two brothers serving in different areas of France were reunited by chance, spending the final hours of the war together in safety and brotherly comradeship. Their nephew, Alan Barker, tells the serendipitous story of his uncles.Read more

True Grit: 75 Years Since the Battle of the Kokoda Trail

July marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. The Kokoda Campaign, which took place between July and November of 1942, was a brutal resistance of the Japanese advance to Port Moresby from the north of New Guinea. Read more

Kokoda: The 'Track' vs 'Trail' Debate

In recent years, many hours have been wasted and much ink has been spilt debating whether the foot route across the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea (PNG) should be called the “Kokoda Trail” or the “Kokoda Track”.Read more

The Men Who Saved Australia

July marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Kokoda Trail. These are the stories of the men who fought to defend Australia from encroaching Japanese forces. Read more

Gallipoli through the Soldier's Lens

The unique status of Gallipoli in Australian history is supported by an Australian War Memorial collection of some 6,000 images. In the 2015 monograph “Gallipoli: Through the Soldier’s Lens,” senior curator of photographs Alison Wishart made the extraordinary revelation that 60 per cent of these photos would not exist if it weren’t for the fact that perhaps half of the Australian forces carried cameras in breach of Lord Kitchener’s 1915 edict prohibiting soldier photography.Read more

Kym Whalley: Standing Proud

In recognition of the ANZAC Centenary, the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation celebrated the poppy as a symbol of strength, resilience and stability of women over the past 100 years. Twelve women between the ages of 22 and 94 came together to share their own personal, unique stories to inspire others who are facing similar challenges; Kym Whalley is one of these inspiring women. Kym provided combat and humanitarian support in modern-day conflicts, and is as much a veteran as anyone who has donned a military uniform in defence of our country. Read more

Australian Army Rugby Union

RSL (Queensland Branch) proudly supported the Australian Army Rugby Union inter-Brigade competition by supporting the Best and Fairest Awards for the men’s and women’s matches.Read more

Australia's Military History: Interactive Timeline

Australia's Military and RSL history on an interactive timelineRead more

Australia's Proud Military Heritage

Australia’s proud military heritage began with the arrival of three companies of marines with the first fleet. Our heritage, customs, traditions and discipline can be traced back to this time.Read more

Phil Thompson: A Life In Motion

For veteran Phil Thompson, there is life pre-deployment and life post-deployment. Not much of his life before Afghanistan remains in his memory; not much of what happened last week does either. But there is one thing for certain: Phil’s work with veterans will leave a lasting legacy.Read more

Welcome Home Parade and RSL Centenary Family Fun Day

Brisbane residents welcomed home soldiers who were involved in 7th Brigade Middle East Region Force Elements as they marched through the streets of the city on 17 September. As the parade concluded at the City Botanic Gardens, RSL (Queensland Branch) hosted a Family Fun Day for the troops and their families, as a way to say ‘thank you’ and to celebrate the RSL’s centenary.Read more

Pennie's Story: The Road to Recovery

On the surface Pennie Looker seems like someone who has it all – a big smile, a wonderful husband and three children. But behind the brave face, Pennie faces challenges every day as she struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is the story of how Pennie was medically discharged after 19 years in the Australian Army, and the major stepping stones in her journey towards recovery.Read more

Michael Harding: On a Mission

‘Young veteran’ is not a label that resonates with every member of the Defence force who has served in Afghanistan. But for 27-year-old Michael Harding, he can’t escape the literal sense of the phrase: he is young, and he is a veteran.Read more