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Personal Reflections on Timor Awakening

I am a veteran managing depression. For many veterans like me, mental illness is a private nightmare that becomes a public humiliation as well as a disaster for loved ones. The consequences include relationship breakdown, substance abuse, unemployment and suicide. I have been publicly humiliated by my illness. I am divorced. I have lost my job. I am managing my illness much better now and have another job. I am writing to share the effects of the Timor Awakening program on me and others.Read more

Australia's Military History: Interactive Timeline

Australia's Military and RSL history on an interactive timelineRead more

Timor Awakens

“Timor-Leste is a country that is peaceful, unexplored, rich in culture and a significant shared history with the Australian Military. It’s a country full of veterans and civilians that have suffered unimaginable atrocities, hardship, trauma and oppression; a people who have exhibited incredible resilience, reconciled with their foes and are moving forward,” described Michael Stone of Veterans Care.Read more

Australia's Proud Military Heritage

Australia’s proud military heritage began with the arrival of three companies of marines with the first fleet. Our heritage, customs, traditions and discipline can be traced back to this time.Read more

Timor Awakening

“East Timor is a country that is absolutely peaceful right now and has been for years, and that’s partly to do with the positive intervention of Australian troops,” said Michael Stone, as he prepares to recall his extraordinary professional and personal relationship with one of Australia’s closest geographic neighbours.Read more

Keeping The Peace

October 24 marks United Nations Day; the anniversary of the UN Charter in 1945. Since this time, over 30,000 Australians have served in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations around the world. Often suffering in silence, their service was frequently dismissed as being less significant than those who served in combat, but as John Enchong explains, the emotional scars of service in a ‘war-like’ zone are just as painful.Read more