War Games & Sailors' Graves

This is the story of George McCredie and the sinking of HMAS Perth in Java waters.

Reporting from the Front Lines

Watching Darren Curtis on the Nine News bulletin, few people would realise that he lives a double life. But behind the façade of mild-mannered reporter, Darren is also a Captain in the Australian Army Reserve.

Cutting-Edge Fighter Jets Visit Amberley RAAF Base

Two Australian Joint Strike Fighters touched down in RAAF Amberley prior to their debut at the Australian International Airshow.

RSL Reveals Home for Heroes

Australian Defence Force veterans are moving into stunning new homes and re-connecting with old mates after RSL (Queensland Branch) completed the $18m transformation of the Warhaven housing complex. 

Commemorating Victory in Europe Day

Guests commemorating Victory in Europe Day in Brisbane on May 13 were reminded to never forget the sacrifices of the WWII fallen.

True Grit: 75 Years Since the Battle of the Kokoda Trail

July marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. The Kokoda Campaign, which took place between July and November of 1942, was a brutal resistance of the Japanese advance to Port Moresby from the north of New Guinea.

Kokoda: The 'Track' vs 'Trail' Debate

In recent years, many hours have been wasted and much ink has been spilt debating whether the foot route across the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea (PNG) should be called the “Kokoda Trail” or the “Kokoda Track”.

The Men Who Saved Australia

July marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Kokoda Trail. These are the stories of the men who fought to defend Australia from encroaching Japanese forces. 

Pozières: 100 Years On

‘Impressed itself on the minds of the members of the 1st Division’ – that phrase suggests that there was something about what happened to Australian soldiers at Pozières in 1916 that would forever live vividly in their memories of the war.

Honouring Our Indigenous Veterans

As part of Reconciliation Week, the military service of Australia’s Indigenous armed forces was acknowledged at the Indigenous Veterans’ Ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance at ANZAC Square on May 31.

In the Spotlight: Rob Skoda, Veteran Services Manager

Rob Skoda, an ex-Flight Lieutenant in Ground Force Defence, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), enlisted at 20 years old and served for 12 years. Rob, originally from Western Australia, now lives on the Gold Coast with his wife and two children and joined RSL (Queensland Branch) earlier this year, as Veteran Services Manager. This is Rob’s story of his time in service and aspirations on how the RSL strives to continue providing the best support to our veterans and their families.

Pennie's Story: The Road to Recovery

On the surface Pennie Looker seems like someone who has it all – a big smile, a wonderful husband and three children. But behind the brave face, Pennie faces challenges every day as she struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is the story of how Pennie was medically discharged after 19 years in the Australian Army, and the major stepping stones in her journey towards recovery.

Ian Baker: Kicking RAEMUS Rover into Gear

In this first of a three-part series focusing on some of the veterans behind the RSL RAEMUS Rover program, we meet the program's creator, Ian Baker.

Soldier To Civilian: The Journey Home

Imagine losing your identity, your job, and your purpose – all on the same day.  It might sound like an absurd prospect to civilians, but for our service personnel it is the reality that some feel confronted with as they discharge from the Defence Force and transition into civilian society. In this article, Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation provide an insight into the direction of their most recent research project.

Vasey Resilience Centre

While there has been a significant – and necessary – emphasis on supporting our wounded, injured and ill soldiers for many years, the question has been asked: what if we could prevent some of those things from occurring in the first place?

Veteran Services Opens New Chapter For Veteran

Every person who comes to the RSL for support or assistance has a different story. Some are young men or women who have returned from active service in other countries who need a helping hand to reconnect with their families and re-integrate into our fast-paced society.

RSL Adaptive Sports

In response to the rapid interest and growth of adaptive sports internationally and here in Australia, RSL (Queensland Branch) is encouraging current and ex-serving men and women to get involved in adaptive sports programs.