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The Vietnam War was not a naval conflict but for those members of the RAN who saw active service it was a high tempo environment. The RAN's contribution, although small in comparison to that of the Australian Army, was diverse and played a significant part in the Australian Forces overall impact. The RAN effectively controlled its battle space, under the water, on the water and in the air.

13,500 Royal Australian Navy sailors saw service in Vietnam and won Battle Honours from the Australian, US, British and Republic of Vietnam governments.

On Thursday 30th June at 11am, the N.A.A. (Naval Association of Australia Queensland) will highlight the service of members of the Royal Australia Navy and the ships who served in the Vietnam War. 

A short ceremony is held on the last Thursday of every month at the Jack Tar statue in the South Brisbane Memorial Park.  At each ceremony, a guest from the relevant part of the RAN tells their story in front of veterans, serving RAN personnel, descendants and the general public.

For more information contact Jayne Keogh 0418 882 408 or

The Details
Thursday 30 June
Jack Tar Statue
South Brisbane Memorial Park
Name: Jayne Keogh
Phone: 0418 882 408

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