4 Aussie Heroes

There is no single ‘best way’ to tackle the challenges of PTSD; each individual needs to find the strategies and tools that work best for them. 

4 Aussie Heroes’ Triumph over Trauma program takes a holistic approach to managing PTSD and mental health. Over an 11-day period the program lets you take part in a range of evidence-based education sessions and activities in a relaxed, rural setting that provides time and space for reflection. 

During the program, participants learn about nutrition, healthy eating, peer support and exercise physiology, and have an opportunity to try different mental health management approaches including canine and equine therapy, humour and laughter therapy, yoga and meditation.  

Triumph over Trauma is supplemented by a follow-up, two-day ’Refresh’ program approximately three months later to support your ongoing emotional health. 

The "Triumph over Trauma" program is available to current or former service people who are experiencing mental health issues.

Participants must meet intake assessment criteria and will need medical clearance from their GP or mental health specialist.

Partners or a support person are also encouraged to join the program for the weekend sessions.

There is no cost to participants and their partners/support person to attend the "Triumph over Trauma" program. Support from RSL Queensland makes this possible.