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Being in Defence is like being part of a family. Someone always has your back and you’re surrounded by people who share your interests and are working towards the same goals.

Whether you’ve separated from Defence or you’re still serving, as a member of RSL Queensland you become part of a network of volunteers who not only share the bond of service but are also committed to giving back to their Defence family.

"When you leave the service, it’s a real wrench. Being part of the RSL gives me back some of the camaraderie. Just feeling part of a group, knowing that someone’s got your back.” –  Cheryl barrett, Army veteran and RSL member

By joining the RSL, you can help other members of the Defence family who might not be as fortunate as yourself – those who are injured or ill, those who are struggling with transition, and the partners and families of those who are serving or who have served.

It's a way to recognise the service and sacrifice of those who served before us and with us, as well as those who are still serving or will serve after us. It is also a way for you to ensure the voice of veterans is heard by governments, public authorities and the public generally.  


How to join - two ways

  1. Simply download the membership form, fill it in and submit it to your nominated Sub Branch (either in person or by email). Your Service History will also need to be sighted at the Sub Branch before your membership can be finalised.

Download Membership Form

  1. Or apply online below (note, your Service History will also need to be sighted at the Sub Branch before your membership can be finalised):




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There are several categories of membership. If you have served or are currently serving in the ADF then you are eligible to apply as a service member. 

If you have not served, you may apply to join a Citizen’s Auxiliary or as a non-League social member.



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If you are applying for a non-serving membership, please submit your application now. If you are applying as a service member, please continue to the service history section before submitting your application.

Applications for service membership must be accompanied by verification of your service history. You can fill out your service records digitally below and you must also take physical copies to your nominated Sub Branch for sighting. 

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Make sure you get your Service History Documentation sighted

Remember, you will need to show your documents at your nominated Sub Branch.

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