Diggers Rest

 If you're a veteran, and you and your family are needing a break, fresh air to breathe and time to clear your head, you can find it at Diggers Rest. Set on 22 acres in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Diggers Rest is a retreat where you and your family can roll out a swag under the stars or stay in a cabin. Kick back and chat with others around the campfire, lend a hand in the garden or simply take in the surrounds while you’re there.

“When you go there, it's just peaceful. There's no loud traffic; there's no people screaming or yelling. It's just really quiet and calm, and you can do your own thing. It's off the grid – no TVs, no computers. It's all just time to connect with yourself and your family.” - Craig Dimmock, Royal Australian Air Force veteran.


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Free – Proudly funded by RSL Queensland

Phone: 0488 280 884 
Email: admin@diggersrest.org.au
Website: http://diggersrest.org.au/ 

Current or ex-serving Defence members and their families.