Partner Scholarships


Eligibility Requirements 

As the partner of a current or ex-serving ADF member, you've been paramount to your family's stability.

If Defence life has impacted your career opportunities, our support can assist you to re-enter the workforce, relocate more easily, or pursue a new career ambition.

Enquire now for an RSL Partner Scholarship to enhance your employability through higher education.

Applications for our 2024 intake have now closed. Applications will reopen for our 2025 intake from 18 August 2024 to provide funding from January 2025.

Eligibility criteria apply.


“The Program Gave me the chance to focus on my study Without worrying about where the money was coming from to pay for it.” – TONI King, partner of EX serving ADF member.

The Scholarship funding amount provided to recipients is up to $5,000 annually for up to three calendar years. The maximum total Scholarship funding amount is $15,000. 

Scholarship recipients will be able to utilise the funding for the following purposes: 

  • Course fees
  • Administration fees
  • Required textbooks 

For a Partner Scholarship, the Applicant must demonstrate they are the current Partner of a current or former Defence Member with a relationship duration of a minimum three years; and the Defence Member has either operational service, or three or more years continuous full-time service. The Applicant must be able to evidence their relationship length.

Terms and Conditions 

Submitting your application: 
Complete the online form below to submit your application. You will receive an email when your application has been successfully submitted.  

All applications are reviewed to assess initial eligibility before being put forward for consideration. If your application proceeds to the next stage, you will be asked to provide further documents to support your submission. When all necessary documents have been received, your application will be assessed. 

Application assessment: 
All applications submitted to RSL Queensland will be assessed for eligibility and to confirm applications meet the intent of the program.  

Application outcome: 
You will be notified of the outcome of your application at the conclusion of the assessment. 

Your Responsibility: 
Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they have read the RSL Queensland Scholarship Terms and Conditions and that their application meets the intent and eligibility criteria of the program.  

Application assistance: 
If you need assistance completing the application form, please email us at or call 134 RSL. 



Submit your expression of interest for the upcoming 2025 intake here. Applications for the 2025 intake will open on 18 August 2024 to provide funding from January 2025.

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