Veterans Care - Timor Awakening

Inspired by the resilience of WWII Commandos and the courageous Timorese veterans, Veterans Care Associations’ Timor Awakening program is a holistic health and wellbeing experience for veterans and their partners. The program offers renewal and rehabilitation through either an immersive experience in Timor-Leste or a holistic health program on the Gold Coast.  

Upon completion of the program, selected veterans and partners may go on to train as peer support mentors for the veteran community.  

“It’s very hard for us to heal by ourselves. We’re programmed to be part of a community, and Timor Awakening encourages and instils that it’s okay to get help. Indeed, we can continue to live lives with purpose, identity, honour and in service to our community as we did when in uniform.” - Mick Stone, Army veteran and Program Director.  


Thanks to the support of RSL Queensland and other funding partners, participation in the program is free of charge.


Ex-serving Defence members and their partners.