Go Beyond strengthens support for veterans adjusting to civilian life

22 May 2023
  • Media release

ADF veterans will benefit from a smoother transition to civilian life thanks to the Go Beyond program.

First launched in 2021, this free online program has undergone improvements to ensure it meets the needs of veterans across Australia.  

What's new

To better understand the user experience, a comprehensive consultation was conducted with veterans across the country. Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) heard directly from veteran focus groups and revised the program by: 

  • Shortening the module structure 
  • Simplifying clinical references 
  • Including more lived experience videos from veterans  
  • Increasing the number of post-program learning tools for participants  
  • Redesigning the gobeyond.org.au website for a better user experience  

"I think other veterans should complete the Go Beyond program if they are serious about wanting to better their lives, the more knowledge you have in your arsenal about your conditions, it can only be a positive thing to take those steps to getting better," said one veteran who completed the program. 

Backed by research, tailored for the user  

After six years of research, GMRF found that leaving the Australian Defence Force can have psychological and cultural implications that may hinder a healthy transition to civilian life. With this insight, RSL Queensland worked in partnership with GMRF and veterans to create the Go Beyond program.  

"RSL Queensland is proud to partner with Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation on the Go Beyond program, which aims to ease the transition from service and make it as accessible as possible for Australian veterans,” RSL Queensland Deputy CEO – Veteran Services Troy Watson says. 

“The continuous improvement of the program shows our dedication to putting the veterans at the heart of this organisation’s purpose first, and to ensuring we are tailoring our programs, offerings and services to fit their needs." 

The psychological and cultural implications that may hinder a veteran’s healthy transition to civilian life can affect veterans in a range of common ways, such as low mood; feelings of being misunderstood by civilians; and a lost sense of purpose, connection and belonging. 

Miriam Dwyer, CEO of GMRF, confirmed this.

“Go Beyond can help to educate and support veterans through the challenges they may face, regardless of when they leave fulltime ADF service,” she said. 

Through a personalised and confidential survey, Go Beyond accurately assesses where users may need support. It provides each user with a personalised, self-paced program of practical activities and tools to assist in their transition.  

Learn more 

To learn more or start the Go Beyond program, please visit gobeyond.org.au.  


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