Defence Family Research Project (DFRP)

We understand that life in the Defence family is not always easy, and the experiences you have while serving and during transition can have a life-long impact. The Defence Family Research Project is the first step toward creating a better future for our current and ex-serving personnel and their families. 



the Defence Journey

Service has a profound effect on both the member themselves and their immediate family across all four stages of the Defence Journey – while transitioning into military life, during service, during transition out of service, and once you are no longer serving

Stages of Defence career

Quality of Life

Quality of life is a self-evaluation of overall life satisfaction, measured on a scale, in this case from 0-10.

On average, the Defence Family rates their Quality of Life as 6.7 out of 10. This is significantly lower than the general population, for which the average is 7.6.

The highest levels are experienced while serving and again once ex-serving, reflecting the increased stability in employment, income, and family life during these stages.

Quality of Life chart for Defence Family

Key Areas of Need

Service has a profound effect on both the member themselves and their immediate family, with 9 in 10 Defence members having at least one unmet need.

Key areas of needs of the Defence Family


Those transitioning out of Defence and families with children are two groups who are coping with added pressures and need additional support.

Family and transitioning out Defence family needs


The Research

The Defence Family Research Project is the largest ever study of Queensland Defence personnel and their families. RSL Queensland commissioned the research to better understand who the Defence Family in Queensland are, and the key needs and challenges they face.

The findings will help target and tailor our efforts to more effectively meet our Defence family's needs and work towards providing support that empowers.

Download a summary of the DFRP infographic