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There are many ex-service organisations (ESOs) that help current and ex-serving personnel in various ways.

RSL Queensland collaborates with a range of ESOs to ensure members of our Defence family get the help they need. 

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Established in 1947, Australian War Widows (Queensland) Inc. (AWWQ) protects the interests of war widows and provides friendship, understanding and community support services to its members across Queensland. Membership is open to the Department of Veterans' Affairs designated war widows and associate membership for wider community who support AWWQ.

Currumbin Clinic

Currumbin Clinic provides inpatient and day patient treatment for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addictive disorders including alcohol or drug misuse. Specific programs for veterans include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Mood and Anxiety and the associated problems of PTSD such as Effective Communication and Mastering Anger.   Set in a private bush surrounds close to Currumbin Beach, Currumbin Clinic is the leading provider of mental health treatment on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with over 20 years experience.

Legacy Brisbane

Provides a range of support services to the families of veterans who have given their life or their health in service to the Australian Defence force. Legacy’s traditional services are to the families of deceased veterans- supporting widows and their children to move forward with their lives despite the loss of their loved one. Legacy’s family support program provides services for families with an ex-service veteran who has sustained a wound, illness or injury (most commonly PTS) as a result of their service. This program empowers families to re-establish resilience, structure and stability in the face of many challenges. Services include: emotional support and guidance, practical and financial assistance and service coordination, information and referral.

Defence Health

Since 1953, Defence Health has supported the ADF, ex-serving and wider Defence community to manage their personal and family health care. For a strong and genuine recognition of your service, talk to Defence Health about great value health insurance.

Defence Community Organisation

Staffed by social workers, teachers, and Military Support Officers, DCO provides: critical incident support for death or illness of ADF members; short-term counselling and referrals for family and relationship issues; crisis support specialist relocation and posting support - preparing for and making moves, connecting with the community, advice on schools and support available to Defence children deployment and managing absence support-how to assist children and families managing the Defence lifestyle, scheduling of support events advice on DCO National Programs in relation to education assistance, child care, partner employment, community grants support to units on base. DCO provides a 24 hour emergency hotline for currently serving members and their family.

Partners of Veterans Association of Australia

A Nationwide support network for partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Forces offering support, friendship, information and understanding.

Defence Community Organisation (DCO) Transitions

Defence provides a range of support services to assist ADF members planning to leave Defence to make the transition to civilian life as smooth and successful as possible. ADF Transition Centres are located across Australia and provide transition support services to ADF members, their families, units and local Command. Support services include practical information seminars that are held nationally, throughout the year; personalised assistance to prepare for transition; referrals to other service providers as appropriate; help with administration; and support for training and civilian employment.

Whiskey’s Wish

Provides training of and fully trained service dogs to assist former servicemen and women, first responders and emergency personnel with mobility assistance, such as opening and closing doors, providing stability while walking, and picking up and retrieving items; as well as emotional support such as providing a buffer in public spaces and calming panic attacks and nightmares.

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

Provides advocacy, pension and welfare support to Defence and Ex-Defence Personnel along with camaraderie and events. VVAA Qld also provides two emergency accommodation facilities: Remembrance House (Burpengary) and Zac’s Place (Townsville).