Wellness Programs

Together with our partner organisations, RSL Queensland offers a wide range of initiatives and events to boost your and your family’s physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Check out our range of programs below.  

A man hiking at sunset

Active Lifestyles

Enjoy a range of activities while connecting with the veteran community.

Diggers Rest property

Diggers Rest

If you’re a veteran needing space to yourself, fresh air to breathe and time to clear your head, you can find it here.

Running dogs

Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Learn to train rescue animals and build your family/social connections, communication skills, and self-confidence.

Sunrise over a beach

OPPTSD Support

Online support and in-person retreats offering respite, support and education for veterans’ partners and carers.

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PTSD Resurrected

REBOOT Recovery provides practical long-term solutions for dealing with the internal values conflict and spiritual trauma of combat.

Raemus Rover Race Car

Raemus Rover Off-Road Racing

Gain a greater understanding of mechanics while experiencing the rush of being in a pit crew.

Timor Awakening

Timor Awakening

Renewal and rehabilitation through immersive experiences in Timor-Leste or holistic health programs on the Gold Coast.

A group of people learning to surf

Waves of Wellness

Learn to surf – and improve your physical and mental health – in an evidence-based program that’s open to all skill levels.

4 Aussie Heroes

4 Aussie Heroes

An evidence-based live in program to support those that are living with PTSD.

Dig in Health

Dig in Health

4-day, hands on workshop, designed to improve nutritional intake and educate on basic permaculture theories.