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A Tale of Two Soldiers

November 10, 1918 – the eve of the Armistice. Two brothers serving in different areas of France were reunited by chance, spending the final hours of the war together in safety and brotherly comradeship. Their nephew, Alan Barker, tells the serendipitous story of his uncles.Read more

Gallipoli through the Soldier's Lens

The unique status of Gallipoli in Australian history is supported by an Australian War Memorial collection of some 6,000 images. In the 2015 monograph “Gallipoli: Through the Soldier’s Lens,” senior curator of photographs Alison Wishart made the extraordinary revelation that 60 per cent of these photos would not exist if it weren’t for the fact that perhaps half of the Australian forces carried cameras in breach of Lord Kitchener’s 1915 edict prohibiting soldier photography.Read more

Pozières: 100 Years On

‘Impressed itself on the minds of the members of the 1st Division’ – that phrase suggests that there was something about what happened to Australian soldiers at Pozières in 1916 that would forever live vividly in their memories of the war. Read more

The Significance of Rosemary on ANZAC Day

This aromatic, perennial herb has become a symbol of Australia's commemorative day for a number of reasons. Native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary has long been associated with the dead. Found all over the Gallipoli Peninsular, today it holds special significance for Australians. Read more

The Story of ANZAC Day

April 25, 1915 marks the day Australian and New Zealand forces landed on Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey which started the first major military action fought by the Australia and New Zealand services during World War One. The goal of the intervention was to clear a passage through the Dardanelles for the allied navies to access and capture Constantinople (now Istanbul) which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and an ally of Germany.Read more

Remembrance Day

After four years of bloodshed and bombardment, peace descended eerily on Europe’s Western Front at 11am on November 11, 1918. It was the moment the armistice came into effect – an agreement among Germany and the Allied Powers of France, Great Britain and the USA to end the First World War. Read more

Australia's Military History: Interactive Timeline

Australia's Military and RSL history on an interactive timelineRead more

Family Connection to Fromelles

The centenary of the Battle of Fromelles holds a special place in the heart of David Partner and his family. It will mark 100 years since his uncle, John ‘Jack’ Parker, was killed in action in the Great War. But it is how David came to know of his Uncle Jack’s fate that is remarkable, and how he played a part in ensuring his uncle will be forever remembered.Read more

Australia's Proud Military Heritage

Australia’s proud military heritage began with the arrival of three companies of marines with the first fleet. Our heritage, customs, traditions and discipline can be traced back to this time.Read more